Adding OpenCV Plugins to the System Package Builds

The OpenCV plugins are built only in the 64-bit tarball builds, both static and dynamic, but due to size these plugins are not included with pkgs, i.e. the System builds. However it is relatively easy to add the current plugins for your distro via a simple procedure of copying the plugins from the static tarball to the cin5 install plugin path (AppImage does not provide this capability). They are:


  1. do your package install of the current build for your distro as usual
  2. look in to see your distro name's static tar
  3. download the corresponding distro static tarball; for example for arch:

  1. create a temporary directory on your computer
  2. cd that-directory
  3. tar -xf location-of-the-tarball-you-downloaded
  4. cp plugins/opencv/*obj.plugin <see below for your location>/. (note the period on the end)
  5. Start CINELERRA-GG and look for the six plugins in Video Effects
  6. To reverse this, simply delete the six plugin files (for example:

    rm /usr/lib*/cin*/*obj.plugin).

The location for most User installs is:


Location for some System installs is:

/usr/lib/cin/plugins/video (most ubuntu distros)

/usr/lib64/cin/plugins/video (Leap distro)

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021