Authors and Contributors

Adam Williams - wrote the original complete Cinelerra package Copyrighted under GPL and continues to release new versions yearly; this is the HV version <[email protected]> .

Sam - designed and engineered the CINELERRA-GG website and continuously maintains and updates the Operating system and applications.

Willam Morrow - was responsible for the current CINELERRA-GG software version which emphasized crash-free stability; he started adding fixes and features in 2007, merged his version based on the HV version with the CV version in 2016, continued to add new features and fixes and incorporate desirable updates from HV and CV until November 2020.

Software developers working on CINELERRA-GG since at least 2021 along with some areas where they have been crucial (in alphabetical order by first name):

Personnel providing current recent testing, examples, demos, and work on the manual or distribution packages for the CINELERRA-GG version (in alphabetical order by first name):

Software Developers in the earlier years of CINELERRA-GG (alphabetical by last name):

Contributors and Software Developers through the years either on HV or CV, the Community Version. They are listed by last name in alphabetical order, along with some of their specific expert work - often just a single known item listed, and it may not even have been the most important when they obviously did so much more. The CV developers were responsible for many improvements based on the HV version to include bugfixing, creating build systems, internationalization work, plugins, and IIRC ffmpeg support appeared in one of the CV forks.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021