Automatic "Best Model" Media Load

When you load media with the insertion strategy of replace current project, the program code will automatically use the "best model" for the render based on the media's codec. The best model is pretty much going to be what works well for television. This automation was added to facilitate easy use of CINELERRA-GG. Which is to say that it is difficult for a new or occasional user to set all of the necessary parameters as best as possible so the program does it for you. This means you do not have to conform your project which ordinarily would have to have been done in the Resources window with RMB click on the highlighted media and choosing Match project size.

However, this automatic method leads to the dilemma of where you have a 10-bit media file and it would get loaded as RGBA-8 when you would prefer it to be RGBA-Float. So instead of using replace current project when loading your media, you would have to make sure the project is first set to your desired Format. This could be done with the File New project and then setting your Color Model to RGBA-Float and whatever other parameters you want. Next when doing a File Load, use Append in new tracks or Create resources only. This avoids using the "best model" technique and uses instead what you have designated so that if you set the Color Model to RGBA-Float that will be in effect.

It is important to note that even when using the "best model" no bits are lost if the input media is 10-bit and the Color Model is RGBA-8. This is because the media will be loaded using the "case BC_RGB16161616" where 16 stands for 16 bits. It fills the other 6 bits not used for 10 bits with zeros.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021