It is a multitrack effect, where each track is a channel. For example if you have 4 voices per channel and 2 channels, you will have a total of 8 tracks. It is an effect that modulates the signal, varies the pitch up and down (instead of modulating the phases as for example in the Flanger plugin) and creates voices from the original signal and adds them to the Output. You then get a chorus effect, with multiple voices singing the same song but with slightly different modulations. Voices not only modulate the original signal but also start with a certain delay. There are two components of delay, constant delay and oscillating delay (figure 10.12).

Figure 10.12: GUI of configuration for Chorus plugin
Image chorus

Voices per channel
: number of items we want to put in the effect. Using more than 4 voices creates sound artifacts that lose the feel of a human voice choir, but can still be used as an artificial sound effect.
Phase offset
(ms): is the constant delay, i.e. the amount of delay of the voices compared to the original signal.
(ms): is the oscillating delay, i.e. the delay in the oscillation of the various voices from the original signal.
(Hz): is the speed at which we apply the oscillating delay. In other words, the speed at which the oscillations occur.
(db): Indicates how much of the original (dry) signal is taken into account compared to delayed voices.

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