This plugin is a tool that can be used to convert your input media, such as a recording from your camera, from one color space/range to another. It works for both RGB and YUV as set by your project format. Options are BT601, BT709, or BT2020 for Color Space input and output and JPEG or MPEG for Color Range input and output. The Inverse option checkbox is available in case your media was rendered in the wrong color space or range so that you can fix it.

Algorithm for conversion – where equations is a 3×3 matrix multiply

         output = (input - input$\_zero$equations + output$\_zero$

Algorithm for inverse – where equations is a 3×3 matrix multiply

Description: invert(equations); swap(input,output); swap(input_zero,output_zero)

         input = (output - output$\_zero$inverse$\_equations$ + input$\_zero$

Figure 10.32: ColorSpace control window
Image colorspace

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021