Color 3 Way

Together with Histogram Bezier / Curves Color 3 Way is the main tool of Color Grading because you can modify the colors of Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights as desired. Color 3 Way is keyframable (figure 10.31).

Figure 10.31: Color 3 Way control window
Image color3way

This plugin allows maximum control over the result and maximum precision of adjustments when used simultaneously with the control monitors, i.e. Waveform, RGB Parade and Vectorscope. It is important to keep in mind that the three zones are not clearly separated, but slightly overlapping. This results in less precision but looks better for more smooth shades. By varying the values on the color wheels all RGB channels are affected simultaneously, which can result in unwanted color dominance. Saturation is also affected and must therefore be monitored. To use more precisely, drag the crosshair with the mouse in the desired area and then adjust in steps of 0.001 using the up/down and right/left arrows on the keyboard. The most common use cases (but can be adapted to virtually any situation) of the plugin are:

When using the X11 graphics driver and RGBA-FLOAT color model, this plugin allows for greater than (0 - 1.0f) values (HDR). This does not work when using X11-OpenGL because it is an 8-bit limited driver. HDR values will only work for the color wheel, while the Value and Saturation sliders are always clipped to 1.0.

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