Command Line Rendering

The command line rendering method consists of a way to load the current set of batch rendering jobs and process them without a GUI. This is useful if you want to do rendering on the other side of a low bandwidth network and you have access to a high powered computer located elsewhere. Setting up all the parameters for this operation is somewhat difficult. That is why the command line aborts if any output files already exist.

To perform rendering from the command line, first run CINELERRA-GG in graphical mode. Go to File Batch Render. Create the batches you intend to render in the batch window and close the window. This automatically saves the batches in a file with the name of $HOME/.bcast5/batchrender.rc. Set up the desired render farm attributes in Settings Preferences and quit out of CINELERRA-GG if you want to use the Render Farm capability. These settings are used the next time command line rendering is used to process the current set of batch jobs without a GUI. It is important to remember that the rendering will begin at the defined active region saved when the project was saved.

On the command line run:

cin -r

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021