Echo is reflection of sound. This plugin could be used to add echoing to video of your canyon hike (figure 10.17).

Figure 10.17: The 3 dials of Echo plugin
Image echo

represents the volume adjustment.
is attenuation which is a general term that refers to any reduction in the echo reflection. Sometimes called loss, attenuation is a natural consequence of signal transmission over long distances.
is the lag in the attenuated echo signal. Offset means adding a DC level to a signal. It offsets the signal up or down in a DC sense without changing the size of the AC part of the signal. When you add an audio clip to the Timeline, the clip plays back from the beginning of the source audio file. The point in the audio file where the clip starts playing is called the offset. By default, a clip’s offset is zero, the beginning of the source audio file. You can change the offset so that the clip starts playing from a later point in the source audio file.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021