Flags section

This section contains many useful options to cater to the various preferences of individual users.

Autocolor assets
to make it visually easier to see your clips on the timeline that are from the same media file, you can have them automatically colored. Use of this feature requires additional memory and cpu on every timeline redraw, therefore smaller computers may not want this checked on.
Perpetual session
is very useful for working on a project over many days so you can just quit before shutting down and the next time you start up CINELERRA-GG you will be right back where you left off. You will retain all of your undo's and redo's.
Timeline Rectify Audio
for displaying rectified audio on the timeline instead of a standard audio waveform, check this flag. The waveform is cut on the zero line, thus making the silent areas more visible and the waveform is stretched more over the entire height of the audio track, which improves the visibility of certain areas. This only affects the timeline and not any other audio waveform displays. Once you check or uncheck this flag, you must reload any media on the timeline in order to see the changed waveform.
Clears before toggle
when using copy/paste in drag and drop mode some users prefer to resort to the addition of the Ctrl key for adding multiple selections. By checking this flag, the user retains usage as is commonly done for listbox operations.
Always show next frame
in this mode the insertion pointer reflects the same as the Compositor so that for playing forward, the result is what looks like 1 was added to the frame displayed in the Compositor window. This is fully explained in another section (Playing/Seeking).
Show tip of the day
if checked, a tip will be displayed in a popup box when start up CINELERRA-GG.
Use thumbnails in resource window
the Resource Window displays thumbnails of assets by default, but drawing asset thumbnails can take more time and CPU as well as other system resources so you may want to uncheck this.
Popups activate on button up
this is the default but if unchecked, popups activate on button down.
Set Input Focus when window entered
this is checked on by default because on some operating system distros, when you move your mouse to a different window, nothing happens and you are left wondering why you can not enter information. When checked this causes the input focus to shift to any CINELERRA-GG window when the cursor enters an exposed region of the window which eliminates the need to switch input focus by tabbing.
Click to activate text focus
Click to activate text focus
Click to deactivate text focus
if checked, you will have to click to deactivate text focus.
Auto rotate ffmpeg media
this is the default setting so that your media will automatically be rotated when there is metadata in the file with a rotation value. Especially useful for cell phone.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021