Generate Keyframes while Tweaking / Automatic Keyframe Mode

Tweaking is defined as changing a parameter while playing – it can be small changes or small motion increments performed in a series. These changes are recorded as a series of new keyframes on the timeline. Enable automatic keyframe mode by enabling the automatic keyframe toggle, that is Generate keyframes while tweaking. In automatic keyframe mode, every time you tweak a key-framable parameter it creates a keyframe on the timeline (visible by activating the respective Camera x, y, z and Projector x, y, z curves). Since keyframes affect playback, you should enable generate keyframes just before you need a keyframe and disable when your parameter changes are complete. So turn on when ready to make changes and turn off when done!

Also, before making a change, be sure to check the View pulldown and make the desired parameter visible with the enable checkmark. The location where the automatic keyframe is generated is under the insertion point. If the timeline is playing back during a tweak, several automatic keyframes may be generated as you change the parameter. When automatic keyframe mode is disabled, adjusting a parameter adjusts the keyframe immediately preceding the insertion point. For example, if two fade keyframes exist and the insertion point is between them, changing the fader changes the first keyframe.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021