How Context Help works

The hotkey to request context help is Alt/h. What particular help page is shown, depends on the mouse cursor location while Alt/h is pressed. Usually, when the mouse is located in some window or dialog, the help page related to the functionality of this window or dialog is shown. In this case the mouse can point either on some widget, or on an empty area in the window. In CINELERRA-GG GUI there are several rich loaded windows, Timeline and Compositor for example. In such a case different help pages can be requested depending on the particular GUI element under the mouse. For example, pressing Alt/h while pointing on the Autos curve in a track would show help on automation keyframes section, pointing on the Overlay mode button in the patchbay would show help on overlays, pointing on the camera control in Compositor would show help on camera and projector.

If no context dependent help page is found, the manual page of Contents itself is shown.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021