Initial Setup for DVB Capture

Listed below are the steps for the initial DVB setup. Setup will be preserved until you make changes.

  1. Start CINELERRA-GG, and click Settings Preferences Recording
  2. Select File Format checkbox: Realtime TOC (Table of Contents)
  3. Select Audio In Record Driver: DVB
  4. Select in Video In:         Record Driver: DVB (note: File Format above changes to MPEG Stream)

Figure 13.4 shows the Preferences window as a good example of what you should see.

Figure 13.4: Example of the Recording settings
Image recording03

Scan the channels once the devices are setup by performing the following.

From the main window pulldown use: File Record (lower case r) & resize windows.

Figure 13.5 on the left shows the Channels window and the popup waiting for scan confirmation. On the right side is the usual Recording window with the Video in window hidden behind.

Figure 13.5: Clockwise: Channels window; Video In (behind); Recording and Scan confirm
Image channels01

Figure 13.6 shows scanning in progress. Note the Video In with the antenna icon (3rd symbol).

Figure 13.6: Scanning in progress (31%)
Image channels02

Any time after the channels have been scanned, you can edit them from the Recording window channel selection dialog (shown on left of screenshot above, such as Sort). You do not have to scan the channels every time as they are saved in a database referred to as the channel-db.

After the channel-db is ready, you can watch any of the selectable channels.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021