Insertion Point

The insertion point (figure 2.4) is the vertical hairline mark that spans the timeline in the program window - it can be a solid line but most of the time it will be flashing. Like the cursor on a word processor, the insertion point marks the place on the timeline where the next operation will begin. It is the starting point of all play operations and is the point where a paste operation will occur. In some cases, when rendering it defines the beginning of the region of the timeline to be rendered.

To move the insertion point, you move the mouse inside the timebar area and click with the left mouse button. You can use any place on the timebar to reposition the insertion point as long as that spot is not blocked by In/Out point or a label . In cut and paste editing mode, you can also change the position of the insertion point with a simple left mouse click in the timeline itself. When moving the insertion point, the position is either aligned to frames or aligned to samples. For best results, Align cursor on frames when editing a video track and Align to samples when editing audio. Use the pulldown Settings Align cursor on frames to change the alignment by checking the box on for video and off for audio.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021