Installing Cygwin

Cygwin is an environment that runs natively on Windows which allows Unix programs to be compiled and run on Windows. With cygwin installed on your Windows 10 computer, you will be able to run CINELERRA-GG. Before installing cygwin, you need to be warned that the Avast anti-virus software kills files necessary for cygwin installation and execution, so you will have to remove it and use alternative anti-virus software (the standard default already included with Windows 10 is Defender). Below are the steps for installation:

  1. Download cygwin for your 64-bit computer at:

  2. Generally just take the defaults as they show up, but the next steps show what comes up.

  3. When a warning window pops up, click Yes.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Choose Install from Internet option and then click Next.

  6. Choose your desired directory by clicking on Browse button. Choose All Users (Recommended) and then click Next.

  7. Choose the local package directory where you would like your installation files to be placed. Click Next.

  8. Choose Direct Connection if you are using Internet with plug and play device. Click Next.

  9. Choose any download site preferably “” and then click Next.

  10. For list of things to install, leave all set to Default except these to Install instead:

    base devel
    gnome graphics
    system video

    This install takes a long time; approximately 2 hours on an EliteBook and requires approximately 20GB storage.

  11. Finally you will want to have the icons on your desktop (already default) and then click Finish.

Then to install the CINELERRA-GG tar files, you will need to start a cygwin console terminal from the startup menu as shown here: Start Cygwin Cygwin64 Terminal

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021