Inter-View Mode – Identifying Source Targets

Inter-View mode provides a mapping of a particular media file to its timeline usages. It is somewhat similar to Two Screen Editing in that you make use of the Viewer. It makes it possible to precisely trace and indicate in the media the origin of a particular segment of the timeline and visually indicate the use and distribution that the timeline makes of a particular media. A good example usage would be in the case of a 30 minute interview where you use a few short pieces to make a shorter 10 minute section, find out that you have made the timeline 12 minutes instead and need to cut out another 2 minutes. This feature provides the following capabilities:

Figure 5.8 shows an example of the Inter-View mode mapping preview mini-window.
Figure 5.8: Inter-View mode: white bar source; red bar timeline
Image inter-view01

There is a second usage of Inter-View mode that can be helpful if some tracks have become misaligned, such as in the case of 2 audio channels no longer being in sync. You can use this mode to get them back in alignment.

Explanation of how to use Inter-View mode will be described here next.

The red/white bars represent the presence and the black sections represent the absence of where that media is used on the timeline. To get to a bigger representation, use the “f” key for a full screen. Now you can operate the following buttons to display what you need to see and to move around. It is important to note that locked tracks will not be represented. This makes it easy to ignore the audio track segments if you want so there is less confusion in the display.

Figure 5.9 displays Inter-View window and its relation to the timeline, viewer, and compositor.

Figure 5.9: Inter-View mode and the timeline
Image inter-view02

The Inter-View mode works for Media, Proxy, and User Bins. When the preview window has only black bars on the top and bottom, it means that this particular media is not loaded in the timeline. So when you are in Proxy, meaning that the Proxy files are loaded on the timeline, there will be only black bars for the corresponding Media file UNLESS there is an audio track associated with the video. Because audio tracks are not proxied, they will show for Media but not for Proxy.

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