Load Media

On the main timeline program window are many pulldowns, the first of which is File.

Figure A.2: Load media window – note the icons top right for more options
Image load

  1. Click on File for a list of available options and note that in the right hand column are shortcuts for many of the options that will come in handy if you use CINELERRA-GG often.
  2. Next click on the second one down – Load files... – which brings up the Load menu.
  3. Below Select files to load on the top left side is a textbox and if you look all the way to the right side of the textbox, there is a down arrow which you use to navigate your file system. Highlight the desired file system and you will see that directory name appear in the textbox and the files below.
  4. Scroll to the media file you would like to work on and highlight that file. When you do, you will see that filename also appear in the textbox below the listing of files. You could have directly keyed in that file in that textbox instead.
  5. On the bottom of the Load menu, is a box called Insertion strategy. For getting started the default of Replace current project is sufficient. But you can click on the down arrow to see what is available for future use.
  6. Now click on the green colored checkmark on the bottom left hand side to actually load the file and see it appear on the timeline in CINELERRA-GG’s main window and a single frame in the Compositor. The first track will most likely be video thumbnails and the next tracks may be audio waveforms.
  7. Press the space bar in the main Program window and your video will start playing and press the space bar again to stop the play. While playing, you should see the video in the Compositor window in the upper right hand side of your screen and if you have your audio hooked up, you will hear the sound. To get back to the beginning of the video, hit the home key on your keyboard.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021