Loop video

Sections of video can be looped by dropping a loop effect on them. Contrary to the settings loop playback option, the loop effects can be rendered where the settings loop playback option can not be. The loop effects are also convenient for short regions.

The loop effects have one option: the number of frames or samples to loop. This specifies the length of the region to loop starting from either the beginning of the effect or the latest keyframe. The region is replicated for the entire effect.

Every time a keyframe is set in a loop effect, the keyframe becomes the beginning of the region to loop. Setting several keyframes in succession causes several regions to loop. Setting a single keyframe causes the region after the keyframe to be looped throughout the effect, no matter where the keyframe is. The end of an effect can be looped from the beginning by setting the keyframe near the end.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021