Main menu pulldowns

Main window menu pulldowns
Identifier Items Shortcuts Description
File New n Create new project.
  Load files... o Load file(s).
  – load tool Ctrl-a Selects all files.
  – load tool Ctrl-z Deselects any highlighted files.
  Save s Save project.
  Save Ctrl-s Save project.
  Save As... Shift-S Save a project for easy moving.
  Export Project Alt-s Save a project for easy moving.
  Record... r Open record window.
  Scan... Ctrl-Alt-s Open dvb scan window.
  SubTitle... Alt-y Open subtitle script window.
  Render... Shift-R Open render window.
  Export EDL... Shift-E Export to CMX3600 format.
  Batch Render... Shift-B Open batch render window.
  BD Render... Ctrl-Shift-D Open create bluray disk window.
  DVD Render... Alt-D Open create dvd disk window.
  Quit q Quit the program.
  Dump EDL   Write current EDL to stdout.
  Dump Plugins   Write defined Plugins to stdout.
  Load Backup   Load auto-backup file “backup.xml".
  Save Backup b Save auto-backup file “backup.xml".
Edit Undo clear z Undo from history previous operation.
  Undo clear Ctrl-z Undo from history previous opration.
  Redo Shift-Z Redo from history next opration.
  Cut x Copy selection to cut buffer and delete.
  Split x Split edit into 2 sections at hairline cursor.
  Paste v Insert selection from cut buffer.
  Clear Del Delete selection.
  Paste Silence Shift-Space Paste empty edit at selection or frame if none.
  Mute Selection m Replace selection with empty edit.
  Trim Selection   Replace track with selection.
  Select All a Toggle select all/none.
  Shuffle Edits   Randomly reorder track edits.
  Reverse Edits   Reverse track edits.
  Edit Length...   Change selected track given duration.
  Align Edits   Change selected corresp. track edits to start/end same.
  Trans. Length...   Change selected track transitions to given duration.
  Detach trans.   Remove selected track transitions.
  Clear labels   Delete selected timeline label markers.
  Cut ads   Remove selected region, add to commercial trking db.
  paste subttl y Replace selected subtitle edit text w/ subtitle script text.
Keyframes Cut Keyframes Shift-X Copy selected keyframes to cut buffer and delete.
  Copy Keyframes Shift-C Copy selected keyframes to cut buffer.
  Paste Keyframes Shift-V Paste keyframes in cut buffer.
  Clear Keyframes Shift-Del Delete selected keyframes.
  Change to linear   Change keyframe auto curves to piecewise linear.
  Change to smooth   Change selected keyframes auto curves to bezier.
  Create curve type   Set new keyframe type: smooth,linear,tangent,disjoint.
  Copy default key Alt-c Copy default keyframe to clipboard.
  Paste default key Alt-v Paste clipboard keyframe into default keyframe.
Audio Add track t Append new empty audio track.
  Default Trans. u Insert default audio transition at selected edit boundary.
  Map 1 : 1   Setup audio mixing output = input.
  Map 5.1 : 2   Setup audio mixing stereo = 5.1.
  Attach Trans.   Open audio transition select for insert at edit boundary.
  Attach Effect...   Open audio selection menu for insert at edit boundary.
  Render Effect...   Open audio render select to render from select as pcm.
Video Add track Shift-T Append new empty video track.
  Default Trans. Shift-U Insert default video transition at selected edit boundary.
  Attach Trans.   Open video transition select for insert at edit boundary.
  Attach Effect...   Open video effect selection for insert at edit boundary.
  Render Effect...   Open video render select to render from select as pcm.
Tracks Move tracks up Shift-Up Swap tracks up.
  Move trks down Shift-Down Swap tracks down.
  Roll tracks up Ctrl-Shift-Up Circulate tracks up.
  Roll trks down Ctrl-Shift-Down Circulate tracks down.
  Delete tracks   Delete all tracks.
  Delete last track Ctrl-d Delete last track.
  Delete first track Shift-D Delete first track.
  Concatenate trks   Concatenate tracks together.
  Append to Proj. Shift-N Add set of tracks.
  add Subttl Shift-Y Add subtitle track.
Settings Format... Shift-F Open render format setup menu.
  Preferences... Shift-P Open preferences setup menu.
  Proxy Settings Alt-r Bring up Proxy settings window.
  Transcode Alt-e Bring up the Transcode menu.
  Align cursor... Ctrl-a Align cursor on frames.
  – Edit labels   Toggle labels follow edits.
  – Edit effects   Toggle plugins follow edits.
  – Keyfrs fol. edits   Toggle keyframes follow edits.
  – Typeless keyfrs   Toggle typeless keyframes mode.
  Save settings now Ctrl-Shift-S Save CINELERRA-GG_rc.
  Loop Playback Shift-L Set loop playback region to selection/all.
  Guide on timeline Shift-L Create a guide on timeline.
  Set bkg render Shift-G Toggle background rendering.
View – Show assets 0 Toggle show asset data.
  – Show titles 1 Toggle show asset title.
  – Show trans. 2 Toggle show transition effects.
  – Fade 3 Toggle show fade auto curves.
  – Mute 4 Toggle show mute auto curves.
  – Overlay Mode 5 Toggle show mode auto curves.
  – Pan 6 Toggle show pan auto curves.
  – Plugin Autos 7 Toggle show plugin keyframes.
  – Mask 8 Toggle show mask auto keyframes.
  – Speed 9 Toggle show speed auto curves.
  – Camera X Ctrl-Shift-X Toggle show camera X auto curves.
  – Camera Y Ctrl-Shift-Y Toggle show camera Y auto curves.
  – Camera Z Ctrl-Shift-Z Toggle show camera Z auto curves.
  – Projector X Alt-Shift-X Toggle show projector X auto curves.
  – Projector Y Alt-Shift-Y Toggle show projector Y auto curves.
  – Projector Z Alt-Shift-Z Toggle show projector Z auto curves.
Window – Show Viewer   Toggle show view window.
  – Show Resrs.   Toggle show resources window.
  – Show Compos.   Toggle show compositor window.
  – Show Overlays   Toggle show auto overlay window.
  – Show Levels   Toggle show audio levels window.
  – Split X pane Ctrl-1 Toggle ${\frac{{1}}{{2}}}$ horiz track timeline window panes.
  – Split Y pane Ctrl-2 Toggle ${\frac{{1}}{{2}}}$ vert track timeline window panes.
  Mixer Viewer Shift-M Bring up a Mixer Viewer window.
  Drag Tile mixers Alt-t Create a drag box to be used to tile mixers.
  Default Positions Ctrl-p Reset window positions/size to defaults.
  Tile Left   Set window positions/sizes to tile left screen.
  Tile Right   Set window positions/size to tile right screen.
_._ shell cmds Top rt. Corner Run scripts (setup in interface preferences).

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