Pan and zoom: still images

CINELERRA-GG's powerful keyframe features allow you to use pan and zoom effects on still pictures.

  1. Load and create a clip from a still image. Make the clip 10 seconds long.
  2. Activate the automatic generation of keyframes.
  3. Using the transport controls, go to the beginning of the clip.
  4. Using the compositing camera control set the clip's initial position.
  5. Using the transport controls, move forward a couple of seconds on the clip.
  6. Dragging on the compositing camera, move the camera center to a new position further along.
  7. Next go to the beginning of the clip and play it.

You can see that the camera smoothly flows from keyframe point to next keyframe point, as CINELERRA-GG automatically adjusts the camera movement in straight lines from point to point.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021