Pitch Shift

Like the time stretching methods, there are three pitch shifting methods: Pitch shift, Resample, and Asset info dialog. Pitch shift is a realtime effect which can be dragged and dropped onto recordable audio tracks. Pitch shift uses a fast Fourier transform (FFT) to try to change the pitch without changing the duration, but this introduces windowing artifacts. Because the windowing artifacts are less obtrusive in audio which is obviously pitch shifted, Pitch Shift is mainly useful for extreme pitch changes. For mild pitch changes, use Resample instead. Another way to change pitch slightly is to go to the Resources window, highlight the media folder, right click on an audio file, click on Info, then adjust the sample rate in the Info dialog to adjust the pitch. This method also requires left clicking on the right boundary of the audio tracks and dragging left or right to correspond to the length changes.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021