Raw Image Format of Some Digital Cameras & Probe Order

Note: requires some expert knowledge. Raw digital camera images are a special kind of image file that CINELERRA-GG can load. Dcraw, as used by CINELERRA-GG, is Dave Coffin’s open-source computer program which reads many raw-image formats typically produced by many earlier and current digital cameras. Currently over 700 of the types of cameras it recognizes are listed at:


For example, included are numerous models of Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic as well as many others. Because ffmpeg tries to load any and every file if Try Ffmpeg first is enabled, it will make an attempt to load Raw Camera files first before any other file driver gets the chance. In addition, there is the possibility that dcraw could conflict with the standard TIFF format, since it might be seen as format type tiff-pipe. Therefore it is necessary to specifically enable CR2 and either move it to the top or disable FFMPEG_Early and enable FFMPEG_late in the Probe Order as described in another section (4.3.3 and 9.1). These changed settings will be retained across CINELERRA-GG sessions in .bcast5. Usage of Raw Camera mode generally requires more in depth knowledge of your specific camera.

The first screenshot in figure 4.1 as in Settings Preferences Playback A Tab, shows the default checked settings of Interpolate CR2 images and White balance CR2 images which display the raw images in a way that you expect. However, you may want to uncheck them to ensure that no program manipulation has modified your images so that you can add plugins or make your own modifications. Unchecked indicates that the images are as closest as possible to unadulterated raw.

The second screenshot showing CR2 for Raw Camera highlighed/enabled in the Preferences Probes’ screen.

The final screenshot showing the Resources Asset Info displaying the File format as Raw Camera.

Figure 4.1: Screenshots for RAW images
Image raw

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