Reverb uses reflections of sound to add depth and fullness; the sound will seem to come from a space that can go from a small bare room to large natural valleys, cathedrals, etc. The reverb is made up of a group of echoes that occur at the same time making it feel like a single effect. Basically simulates creation of a large number of reflections, like lots of walls, which build up and then decay. You can use the reverb plugin to mix tracks together to simulate ambiance because it is a multitrack effect. The configuration window (figure 10.20) shows a graph of the full band pass filter frequencies.

Figure 10.20: GUI of configuration for Reverb plugin
Image reverb

Initial signal level
(db): Allows you to set the level of the reflected signal. At 0 you start from its maximum level. Decreasing the signal volume will give more presence to the original signal.
ms before reflections
: indicates when to start the reflected sounds in relation to the original sound (delay).
First reflection level
(db): the sound level of the reflection that starts first.
Last reflection leve
(db): the level of the last reflection. It is weaker than the first.
numbers of refelctions
: the number of reflections can be set as desired as long as there is sufficient CPU to handle it. With a few reflections you get closer to the Chorus effect. You can start from values of 100 - 150, up to a maximum of 255.
ms of refelction
: Sets the action time of the effect. With high values, the sound is more clear and sharp
Low freq of bandpass
and High freq of bandpass: allow you to set the frequency limits (range) on which the effect acts.
Steepness of bandpass
: allows you to adjust the slope of the frequency range limits imposed by the previous items. With the value 1.00 we have a vertical edge that clearly separates the range of frequencies on which to act from the remaining ones (as you can see in figure 10.20). By sloping the edge we have a certain overlap and a smoother effect.
: determines the number of frequency samples taken into account by the effect for its calculations. The higher the number, the smoother the effect; but more CPU is used.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021