Reverse Edits

The Reverse Edits can be useful to change the order of 2 edits in the case where you would like to put a teaser section that occurred in the middle of a movie at the beginning instead, that is, reversed positions. To operate, highlight completely the edit areas you would like reversed and then use the pulldown Edit Reverse Edits.

Figure 5.12 shows the selected / highlighted area to which Edits will be applied. Note the first edit is 0002, followed by 0003, 0004, and 0005 in that order.

Figure 5.12: Selected area for Reverse Edits
Image reverse01

Figure 5.13 shows the results of executing Reverse Edits. Now you will see the reversed order of 0005, 0004, 0003, and last 0002.

Figure 5.13: Results of the Reverse Edits
Image reverse02

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021