SVG via Inkscape

This plugin allows the user to manipulate an SVG (scalable vector graphics) image with Inkscape without having to leave the program. The associated CINELERRA-GG window provides the ability to change the DPI, the Out x/y coordinates, and the Out w/h values. For more information on use of inkscape, refer to:

is Dots per inch and it represents the resolution of the SVG image. Since the image is scaled with interpolation mode linear, the edges will look blurry when the input resolution is lower than the output resolution. You can either set the desired DPI value in the window or use the tumbler on the integer text box, then use the update dpi button to have the change take effect. Changing DPI causes the entire image to be re-exported via inkscape. DPI changes cause adjustments in the resolution, speed of re-import, and storage needed for the image data.
allow for changing the location of the SVG via the x or y coordinates.
The scaling is controlled by width and height as they are normal parameters to overlay.

Figure 10.59: Control window and Inkscape
Image svg

Figure 10.59 shows the menu options plugin window and the SVG image in the Inkscape window.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021