Scale Ratio

With the Scale Ratio plugin you can manipulate your video to maintain the pixel aspect ratio (proportional geometry), possibly for a different output Display device (figure 10.60).

Figure 10.60: Many parameters of scale ratio
Image scaleratio

In R and Out R representing the current input and output aspect ratios. Use the arrows to change to your desired values. Next you have the In W/H and the Out W/H for Width and Height. In the middle of the plugin on the right-hand side, you can set the Scale type of None, Scaled, Cropped, Filled, Horiz edge and Vert edge. The top part (aspect ratio data) is used to compute the bottom part when the Apply button is pressed. The bottom part allows you to reposition the image input or output to customize the results. When the in/out aspect ratios are different, the output must be cropped or filled to fit the output and maintain pixel square appearance. Left and right sides of the bottom portion show the Source and the Destination X, Y, W, H values. As you change the values on the left side, you can see how this will affect the output as you observe the results in the compositor window. For example, as you change the values for SrcY in a cropped Scale scenario, you see up/down movement.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021