Shape Wipe

Wipe a specific shape across the video. Currently available 63 shapes are:

asimetric_clocks asimetric_clocks_2 audio
burst Butterfly Circle-h_01
Circle-h_02 Circle-v_01 Circle-v_02
circle clock Clouds_01
Clouds_02 crazy_clock cream
Cross-Iris_01 Cross_01 Diagonal-Curve
Diagonal-Linear Diamond-Iris_01 Diamond_01
Diamond_02 Diamond_03 Double-Door-h
Double-Door-v film film2
Gravity heart Linear-h
Linear-v mosaic multi_box
Plasma_01 rare_spiral specks
spiral spiral_clock square
squares star tile2x2h
tile2x2v Venetian-Blinds-h-x05 Venetian-Blinds-h-x10
Venetian-Blinds-v-x05 Venetian-Blinds-v-x10 water
Cinelerra16-9-Heavy Cinelerra16-9-Light CinelerraGG
16-9_boart 16-9_boxes 16-9_cat_eyes
16-9_film_bands 16-9_multi_circle 16-9_multi_spiral
16-9_multi_square 16-9_rare_spiral 16-9_rectangles
16-9_star 16-9_stars 16-9_wood

The menu for Shape Wipe that popups when you click on Show has several possible choices. First, the Shape allows for choosing from the list of shapes as outlined previously either by typing in the textbox, using the down arrow, or clicking on the tumbler down/up arrows. Next, there is a Feather textbox with tumbler arrows or a slider bar to easily change the blending amount. A reset button is conveniently located to the right of the slider bar. There is a checkbox to Preserve shape aspect ratio and a Direction of White to Black or Black to White (figure 11.3).

Figure 11.3: Example of the Shape Wipe -> Star
Image star

You can add your own images to the Shape Wipe transition and there are some free ones available to download at - click on the Transitions option under the Video pulldown on that site. AppImage does not provide this capability unless you use the workaround as described in the Appendix FAQ, Known Problems and Workarounds.

To include new images in the Shape Wipe Transition, simply copy the file shape.jpg or shape.png to the subdirectory plugins/shapes in your CINELERRA-GG directory path. If you prefer to have a better quality png used instead of the included 90% jpg version, you can download the equivalent png versions at You will then need to untar this file, choose the ones you want, and add them to your directory path. And if that is not enough, you can download another 32 different transitions at One particularly interesting ShapeWipe in this set is Fleur-de-lis-of-Florence. After an update of CINELERRA-GG, they will have to be restored each time.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021