Space-temporal warping enables time to flow differently at different locations in the video (figure 10.64).

Figure 10.64: Temporal bands for Timefront
Image timefront
This plugin divides the frame into segments (bands) whose type, position and size can be configured at will. Each segment will move with a different speed from the others, greater than the band that precedes it and less than the band that follows.

Type allows you to choose a Linear or Radial segmentation; or to make it depend on the alpha channel or on another track (with Shared Effect). In the case of Linear you can choose the orientation of the strips (Angle); in the case of Radial you can choose the coordinates (X,Y) of the center. For a more precise adjustment we can make the bands visible with the button Show Grayscale (for tuning).

With Inner and Outer Radius we can position the beginning and end of the bands in the frame (similar to the Gradient plugin), so you can choose the spatial range in which to apply the effect.

With Time Range we decide the size (and therefore the number) of the bands.

Rate allows you to choose the type of algorithm to use when switching between the start and end bands. You can reverse the direction with the Invers button. The three modes are: Linear, Log or Quadratic (exponential). This is a warping framework plugin based on this article: http://www.vision.huji.ac.il/videowarping/HUJI-CSE-LTR-2005-10_etf-tr.pdf

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