It serves to give various vibes and vitality to the sound by modulating the amplitude of the sound signal and the delay (figure 10.22).

NOTE: There is often confusion between Tremolo and Vibrato, but the vibrato is the periodic variation of the height of a note (frequency) while the tremolo is the periodic variation of the height (amplitude) of the sound wave.

Figure 10.22: GUI of configuration for Tremolo plugin
Image tremolo

Phase offset
(%): is where the oscillation effect begins. At 0% we are at maximum volume; to lower the volume, increase the percentage.
(dB): is the oscillation damping value. You can only decrease the level, you cannot increase it.
(Hz): is the speed at which the oscillations are repeated.
: you can choose waveform algorithms to use in effect calculations. Currently available waveforms are: Sine; Sawtooth; Rev Sawtooth; Square and Triangle.

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