Viewer buttons

Viewer window buttons
Identifier Items Shortcuts Description
Transport Rewind home Jump to beginning.
  Fast reverse `KP +' /Alt-p Toggle double speed reverse play.
  Normal reverse `KP 6' / Alt-o Toggle normal speed reverse play.
  Frame reverse `KP 4' / Alt-u Render previous frame.
  Stop `KP 0' / Alt-m Stop playback.
  Frame forward `KP 1' / Alt-j Render next frame.
  Normal forward `KP 3' / Alt-l Toggle normal speed forward play.
  Fast forward `KP Enter'/A-; Toggle double speed forward play.
  Jump to end end Jump to end.
  (No button) `KP 5' / Alt-i Toggle slow speed reverse play.
  (No button) `KP 2' / Alt-k Toggle slow speed forward play.
    `KP#-Shift' Shift added to KP #, adds or subtracts audio.
    `Ctrl-KP#' If [ ] set, “KP2,3,5,6,+,enter” play between ptrs..
    + Shift w/Alt Shift with Alt+x above, adds/remove audio.
    + Shift w/Ctrl Loops play; all or between In/Out.
    Left click Start or stop play forward.
    Middle click Start or stop play reverse.
    Middle wheel Play forward or reverse 1 frame.
    p Turns on/off Click to Play button.
Edit In point `[' or ‘<’ Toggle In point timeline marker
  Out point `]' or ‘>’ Toggle Out point timeline marker.
    Ctrl-t Clear both In and Out pointers.
  Splice v Create splice.
  Overwrite b Overwrite.
  To clip i Copy selection and create clip.
  Copy c Copy selection to cut buffer.
  Splice `v' + Shift Create splice of the entire clip.
  Overwrite `b' + Shift Overwrite using the entire clip.
  To clip `i' + Shift Copy all and create clip.
  Copy `c' + Shift Copy entire clip to cut buffer.
  Show meters   Toggle show meters.
  Toggle label l Toggle label at current position.
  Previous label `Ctrl ' Move to label before cursor.
  Next label `Ctrl ' Move to label after cursor.
  Manual Goto g Jump to time selected by popup.
Mixer   Double click On mixer window, pastes into timeline

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