Figure 10.78: Before and after YUVShift adjusting
Image yuvshift

This effect is used for YUV input video from older cameras using 3 sensors. It is possible to have misalignment of the 3 sets of numbers: Y, which represents the luminance or brightness component, and for U and V representing the chrominance (color) components. If they were misaligned in the video, you can use YUVShift to realign. To move a specific component up/down, modify the dy value using the slider bar in the RGBShift window. To move a component left/right, modify the corresponding dx value. For maximum precision you can use the input box. With the Clear buttons we can bring the slider to default values without affecting the other parameters. If you are using an RGB color space, you will want to use the RGBShift effect instead.

Figure 10.78 (top) shows the blue U component aligned too far to the right/down. And the red V component is misaligned too far to the right/down. Note the U_dx current slider bar set to 0 as shown by the input box value in the YUVShift plugin window. All components are currently at zero. A corrected video image is shown in the bottom. Now the red and blue colors are correctly aligned. Note how U_dx is now at +26 and V_dx is now +41 to realign the image.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021