Alternative web browser configuration

If you prefer to get Context Help pages displayed in the same tab in your browser instead of each help request displayed in a different tab, choose an alternative method as outlined here that works for you.

  1. Use another browser which has such a configurable mode. Here is an example for Seamonkey:
    	export CIN_BROWSER=seamonkey
    In the seamonkey browser go to Edit -> Preferences... -> Browser -> Link Behavior -> Links from other applications . Set the option "Open links passed from other applications in:" to the value "The current tab/window".

  2. Hack a default browser if you know how to hack it. Here is an example for Firefox. Start Firefox and open the pseudo-URL:
    There will be a warning like "I'll be careful, I promise!", acknowledge it. Then there is a very long list with lots of undecipherable variable names. Scroll down to the variable: . By default it has value of -1, which means "use value of the more general variable: . Next, place the mouse cursor over: , press the right mouse button, and select from the popup menu "Modify". You can now edit the value. Set it to 1, and you get new links from external apps opened in the same tab.

    If you set the variable "" instead, you get this behavior not only for external, but also for all links which otherwise would be opened in new tabs or new windows. The possible values of both variables are:
    Value = 1: open in the current window and tab
    Value = 2: open in the new window
    Value = 3: (default): open in the new tab, current window

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021