You can report potential problems, bugs, and crashes to the CINELERRA-GG website at:

Here you can log the problem into the MantisBT bugtracker, or use the forum Q&A for help from other users, or email the problem to the Mailing List using the address:[email protected]. It is usually more helpful if instead of starting CINELERRA-GG from its application icon, start from a window so that if there are error messages related to the problem, they can be captured from the screen and emailed or logged. The command to run from a window is: <directory_path of where you installed cinelerra>/bin/cin – for example if installed in /mnt0/build5/cinelerra-5.1, you would execute the following command to start the program:
The problem you are experiencing may be as simple as an error due to the settings in your $HOME/.bcast5 subdirectory so you may want to first rename your current .bcast5 in order to start with default settings. By renaming the directory instead of deleting it, you will be able to put it back and not lose all of your preferences.

A note about using the Mailing List [email protected] is that to avoid receiving spam, it will require you to subscribe. But it is also easy to unsubscribe once you have the information you need. The Mailing List, although routinely used by developers or contributors to discuss changes, can provide more technical answers in some cases and the email goes directly to individuals who are quite likely sitting at their computers depending on the timezone.

There are some easy things to do to fix errors that may have resulted from media problems, computer problems, or operational missteps so you can proceed without having to wait for help. These are outlined in 18.5 - be sure to read down through Common Problems where some exact error messages are mentioned along with their cause or solution. Other troubleshooting help is included in other sections of this manual for specific features.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021