Android Remote Control for DVB

CINELERRA-GG INFINITY has Android remote interface code (figure 13.15). Any device, such as a tablet or a smart phone, can be used as long as it is running the Android operating system. Programming an Android Remote Control for DVB is a bit complicated at first, but becomes pretty simple after a bit.

Figure 13.15: Interface tab shows Android Remote Control
Image remote02

  1. The Android Remote Control requires you to download and install the Android CineRmt app package (apk). To install it simply download it (any way you can) to your phone or tablet and click it to install, if it doesn't run automatically.
  2. In CINELERRA-GG, open Settings Preferences Interface tab, and enable Android Remote Control in the Operation section using the checkbox. The default port 23432 and default PIN value cinelerra are OK.
  3. After you install the new phone/tablet app in step 1, start it up from your apps menu.

Before you can use it, the Android device must have the ip address of your computer entered into the configuration menu. The PC you are running CINELERRA-GG on and the Android device have to be on the same network. You can tell it is in communication by tapping the Power (menu) button. When the remote is operated with the Power (menu) button, there is a little red box on the upper left corner of the display to indicate the remote state is active. If you do not see the little red box when the menu key is tapped, the communication is broken and must be fixed before proceeding. Follow the directions in the paragraph below.

BIG NOTICE: the firewalls in your computer and wifi router can stop this thing dead. Re-configuring a firewall is tricky and varies from distro to distro. If possible, during setup it is suggested that you disable the firewall temporarily. For those with advanced skills, use tcpdump or wireshark to look for udp messages from the IP address of the device.

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Figure 13.16 shows an Android Smartphone that can be used as a Remote Control for CINELERRA-GG Recording and Playback.

Figure 13.16: A Smart Phone with Android Remote Control
Image remote03

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