Remote Control for DVB

CINELERRA-GG DVB recording/playback can now easily be done in couch potato mode using a remote control. This comes in handy when you want to playback on a big TV screen for multiple person viewing. You can use the Application/Menu key on the keyboard to toggle between standard CINELERRA-GG usage or a Dispatcher methodology through use of a remote control, an Android programmed device such as a tablet, or keyboard. The Application/Menu key on most keyboards is between the Alt and Ctrl keys on the right hand side bottom and depicts a menu on it either with or without a pointer (see image below). THe Menu key is keycode 135. An ati-x10 Remote Control device (figure 13.14) is currently working with CINELERRA-GG and other remote controls may work but have never been tried. The red box on the top left main screen of CINELERRA-GG indicates Dispatcher Method access is activated which allows for keyboard grab which routes all key strokes until toggled off. Below are the currently defined operations.

Figure 13.14: Ati-x10 Remote
Image remote01

Remote Control Keys (Application/Menu key toggle for ati-x10 remote)

up arrow = forward 1 minute
down arrow = forward single frame
left arrow = forward slow playback
right arrow = forward normal playback
d = toggle channel scan menu
f = toggle full screen
a = select playback a and tile windows left (all on laptop)
b = select playback b and tile windows right (all on TV)
c = select playback c and tile windows left, but composer right (TV mode)
0–9 = select timeline by 1/10s from beginning to end
a = toggle audio mute
m = toggle audio meters
keypad / = display mpeg ts stream program data
keypad * = display mpeg ts stream channel schedule date
keypad + = change channel, next
keypad - = change channel, prev
keypad . = start channel change by numeric entry
keypad .. = clear channel entry
book key = toggles channel scan (always available)
hand key = terminates CINELERRA-GG (always available)

Plus usual Transport keys:

e = ??
f = toggle full screen
« = fast reverse
> = toggles normal playback
» = fast forward
red o = slow reverse
square = stop
2 lines = fast reverse

The Application/Menu key      Image alt-ctrl      is used to get into remote control mode, even if there is no remote control hardware device in use, allowing for use of the same defined remote control keys to work on the keyboard. Once the Application/Menu key enables remote mode, the remote control keys don't allow the standard CINELERRA-GG keys to work.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021