AppImage with Standard Shortcuts

In video editing it is important to learn how to use shortcuts to speed up your work. CINELERRA-GG uses shortcuts different from those considered standard in both the Linux world and video editing. For example, "s" is used instead of Ctrl+S, "q" instead of Ctrl+Q, and even the classic editing keys J, K, L are different. In addition, in CINELERRA-GG the keys are fixed and not customizable. A new user may have a hard time getting used to a new combination of shortcuts. To make it a little easier, an appimage containing a patch that makes use of some of the more frequently used classic key combinations is available. It can be downloaded here (note that the file contains the month and last day of the month, but you will want to go up a directory and download the latest date instead to include the current changes). A table showing the changes from CINELERRA-GG mode to standard mode can be found here: Alternative Shortcuts.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021