Alternative Shortcuts

The alternative shortcuts are changed from CINELERRA-GG INFINITY default to what most other NLEs use as standard. For example:

J, K, L (Play Normal Reverse, Stop, Play Normal Forward) and when pressed twice J and L will Play Fast and then if playing fast and pressed again, will go back to playing normal.

I, O (set/unset InPoint, set/unset OutPoint)

A, S (Jump backward next cut, Jump forward next cut)

To use these alternative shortcuts you must use the appimage found here – you may want to go up 1 directory level to get a more recent dated version – or compile your own CINELERRA-GG with the the patch and the instructions found here: Notable Options and Caveats.

These shortcuts will only display in the English version for the caption/hints and the included shortcuts.html file in the "Shell Cmds" of the program does not include them. The texts in the menu and the captions of the icons, written with the '-' character between the Special key and the key in the default set, for example Shift-s, have been replaced by the '+' character. And the letters are always in capital letters although Shift is not pressed. This notation is more consistent in what many, if not all, the other NLE programs use. Some of the original default shortcuts like BD Render... (Ctrl+Shift+d) and DVD Render... (Alt+d) have been deleted because they are not used frequently. If a shortcut in the After column as shown in the following table has a '+' symbol (for example: + 'I'), it means that it is an additional shortcut added to the old shortcut/s in the Before column and also that that shortcut was confiscated from a default CINELERRA-GG INFINITY shortcut where it had a different function.

These shortcuts are very useful because the keys more frequently used have priority in editing, and are easy to use with the left hand on the keyboard and the right hand on the mouse.

Alternative Shortcuts
Description Before After

To clip

'i' Ctrl+I
Scroll window timeline... left LeftArrow, ',' LeftArrow
Scroll window timeline... right RightArrow, '.' RightArrow
Label 'l', ',' ”' (single quote)
Go To 'g' Ctrl+G
Generate keyframes... tweeking 'j' 'G'
Jump forward... next Keyframe 'k' Shift+Right Arrow
Jump backward... next Keyframe Shift+K Shift+Left Arrow
New Project... 'n' Ctrl+N
Load files... 'o' Ctrl+O
Save 's' Ctrl+S
Save as... Shift+s Ctrl+Shift+S
Save Session Ctrl+S no shortcut
Select All 'a' Ctrl+A
Deselect All 'a' or cursor move Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+A
Select Edits Ctrl+Alt+' Ctrl+Alt+A
Undo 'z', Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Shift+Z Shift+Z
InPoint '[', '<' + 'I'
OutPoint ']', '>' + 'O'
Play Normal reverse NumKP 6, Alt+O + 'J' Normal&Fast
Play Stop NumKP 0, Alt+M + 'K'
Play Normal forward NumKP 3, Alt+L + 'L' Normal&Fast
One Frame back NumKP 4, Alt+U + ',' (comma)
One Frame forward NumKP 1, Alt+J + '.' (period)
Jump backward to the next cut Alt+Left Arrow + 'A'
Jump forward to the next cut Alt+Right Arrow + 'S'
Load window: Select All files Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
Load window: Deselect All files Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Shift+A
BD Render... Ctrl+Shift+d no shortcut
DVD Render... Alt+d no shortcut
Delete last track 'd' Ctrl+D
Quit 'q' Ctrl+Q
Settings Save settings now Ctrl+Shift+S Shift+S
Settings Align cursor on frames Ctrl+A Ctrl+F

A common practice in video editing is the ability to jump from one part of the timeline to another: jumping from one cut to another or from one label to another or even from one keyframe to another. Using shortcuts in these cases is even more advantageous. In the next table we summarize these alternative shortcuts of the main jumps.

Alternatives - Some jumps backward and forward

Jump backward to the next cut

Alt+Left Arrow, 'A'
Jump forward to the next cut Alt+RightArrow, 'S'
Jump backward to the next label Ctrl+Left Arrow
Jump selecting forward label Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Jump selecting backward label Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Jump forward to the next label Ctrl+Right Arrow
Jump backward... next Keyframes Shift+Left Arrow
Jump forward... next Keyframes Shift+Right Arrow
Jump backward to the next Auto Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Arrow (only works on UbuntuStudio)
Jump forward to the next Auto Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right Arrow (only works on UbuntuStudio)

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