In CINELERRA-GG INFINITY a lot of shortcuts are defined for various operations. Although it is quite possible to do everything with the mouse, the extensive use of shortcuts can make the editing process much more convenient and efficient. However, with so large a variety of shortcuts it is not uncommon that some of them may interfere with assignments of the same shortcuts in the user's desktop environment, keyboard language switcher, etc. For example in KDE, the Alt-Tab and Shift-Alt-Tab shortcuts are commonly assigned to switch between different desktop applications, and if so, these keystrokes would not be available to CINELERRA-GG INFINITY. Another example, in Arch linux KDE: the combination Alt+LMB does not translate the mask, but the entire Compositor window. To translate the mask we must use Ctrl+Alt+LMB.

When having problems with some shortcut in CINELERRA-GG INFINITY, it is recommended first to examine which set of shortcuts is assigned to the desktop environment and, if necessary, resolve the conflict. A special X11 application xev (or xorg-xev) can also help to test the keystrokes functionality (see man xev). Otherwise, CINELERRA-GG INFINITY is completely desktop-neutral and has no requirements of some special window manager's support.

Here the shortcuts are listed organized by window and type. Some specific alternatives are listed in 2.2.6 in the "Key Alternatives" paragraph. Any reference to Alt or Ctrl always refers to the left one on the keyboard. In addition to this manual, you can view the shortcuts in html format via the shell cmds icon on the top, right corner of the main program window. There is also a hotkey Alt/h, that can be used just about anywhere to get help on a specific window, menu, item, tooltip, button, and other elements (see 18.1).

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021