Compositor keys

Compositor window keys
Identifier Key Qualifier Description
Keypresses Mid. click+drag   Pans the view/moves the image.
  Middle mouse Shift Returns to Auto zoom.
  RMB   Brings up zoom%/auto;reset cam/proj;hide ctrls.
  LMB Zoom   Zooms in.
  Mouse wheel up   Zooms in.
  LMB Zoom Ctrl Zooms out.
  Mouse wheel dn   Zooms out.
  LMB Zoom Shift-alt Zooms out.
  '+' or ‘=’   Zooms in video output.
  '-'   Zooms out video output.
  f   Toggle on/off fullscreen.
  F11   Reset camera.
  F12   Reset projector.
  LMB Shift Camera enabled - vertical motion zooms in/out
  LMB Shift Projector enabled - vertical motion zooms in/out
  F1 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #1.
  F2 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #2.
  F3 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #3.
  F4 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #4.
  Click label Hold LMB Drag label to elsewhere.
  Click In/Out Hold LMB Drag In/Out elsewhere.
Timebar LMB Ctrl Changes to the next time format.
  MMB Ctrl Change to the previous time format.
  LMB   Moves cursor position on the timeline.
  Click label Hold LMB Drag label to elsewhere.
    Hold LMB Drag In/Out pointer elsewhere.
    Hold LMB Preview region drag on blue-colored bar.
Transport   LMB Only Protect enabled, start/stop forward play.
Edit   MMB Only Protect enabled, start/stop play reverse.
    Middlewheel Only Protect enabled, plays forw/rev 1 frame.
    p Turns on/off Click to Play button.

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