Compositor buttons

Compositor window buttons
Identifier Items Shortcuts Description
Tools Protect video F1 Disable changes to the compositor output.
  Zoom view F2 Zoom in view without resizing the window.
  Edit mask F3 Brings up the mask editing tool.
  + Edit mask Shift-drag pt. Hold down shift+left mouse to drag a point.
  + Edit mask Ctrl-drag pt. Hold down Ctrl+left mouse to move control pointers.
  + Edit mask Alt-drag mask Hold down Alt+left mouse to translate mask.
  + Edit point Shift-set pivot Hold down Shift+middle mouse to set Pivot point.
  + Rotate mask Wheel-rotate Wheel middle mouse to rotate around Pivot.
  + Scale mask Shift+Wheel Hold down Shift+Wheel mouse to scale around pivot.
  + Rotate/Scale Ctrl+Wheel Hold down Ctrl+Wheel to rotate/scale around pointer
  + Delete mask Shift + Del Hold down Shift + click Delete button to delete mask.
  Ruler F4 Brings up the ruler for usage.
  + ruler hotkey Ctrl Lock ruler to nearest 45 degree angle.
  + ruler hotkey Alt Translate the ruler.
  Adjust camera F5 Brings up the camera editing tool.
  Adjust projector F6 Brings up the projector editing tool.
  Crop layer/outpt F7 Crop a layer or output.
  + crop tool Click-drag In video, starts a new rectangle.
  + crop tool Click-drag Over rectangle to reposition.
  + crop tool Alt-click In cropping rectangle to translate.
  Get color F8 Detects color at current spot & stores temporary.
  Show tool info F9 Works with editing/cropping buttons.
  Show safe regs. F10 Draws safe regions in the video output.
    p Turn on/off Click to Play.
    Shift+w/Ctrl With transport btn. loops play; all or with [ ].
Transport (plus 3 below)   Same as in Main window.
Edit (plus 3 below)   Same as in Main window.

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