Resources window Keys

Resources window keys
Identifier Key Qualifier Description
Keypresses Drag Mouse Shift Hold down Shift and drag to move text icon.
    Double click Draw vicons off- loads media in Viewer.
    Single click Draw vicons on- bigger thumbnail plays or stops.
    Middle click Draw on – brings up Inter-View modeling.
    Wheel move Draw on – increase/decrease preview size.
    Mouse over Draw on – instantly brings up thumbnail.
  v   Switch to next Display option.
  i   Switch on/off info for effects.
  o   Opens Load
  - load tool Ctrl-a Selects all files.
  - load tool Ctrl-z Deselects any highlighted files.
  DEL key   Resources/Media, deletes highlighted from project.
  DEL key Shift Resources/Media, deletes highlighted from disk + OK.
  DEL key Ctrl+Shift Resources/plugin, deletes highlighted from disk + OK.
  F1 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #1.
  F2 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #2.
  F3 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #3.
  F4 Ctrl+Shift Use window layout #4.
  In Labels folder Double click On a Label, timeline cursor moves to label.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021