Other Buttons

Buttons in other windows
Identifier Items Shortcuts Description
An Event   Double click On mixer window, pastes into timeline.
Record Start/pause space bar Start and pause recording of current batch.
  Label l Toggle label at current position.
    Double click On channel in window, pops edit ch window.
Channels Select   Select a channel.
  Add...   Add another channel.
  Edit...   Edit the wording associated with the channel.
  Move up   Move the channel up in the selection.
  Move down   Move the channel down in the selection.
  Sort   Sort all of the channels numerically.
  Scan   Scan the available channels.
  Delete   Delete the selected channel.
  Picture...   Select the device picture.
    Double click In Find window, cursor moves to hilite program.
    Double click On batchbay line, selects and loads ch info.
Remote MENU   Toggle remote control state (grabs/ungrabs keys).
  KPTV   Open or close the record window.
  KPBOOK   Start/stop dvb channel scan.
  KPHAND   Quit CINELERRA-GG program.
Commercial   Shift-A Edit commercial

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