Other Keys

Keys in other windows
Identifier Key Qualifier Description
Most windows ESC   Cancels operation if no one grabs first.
  ENTER   Cancels operation if no one grabs first.
Overlays LMB Shift Turns off all else, or reverts to previous state.
Textboxes Tab   Move cursor to the next textbox.
  Tab Shift Move cursor to the previous textbox.
  Esc   Cancels any active suggestions.
  Left arrow with ibeam Backs up 1 character.
  Left arrow Ctrl Backs up to beginning of word/next word.
  Left arrow Shift Selects/Deselects previous character highlight.
  Left arrow Ctrl-Shift Selects/Deselects previous word highlight.
  Right arrow with ibeam Moves forward 1 character.
  Right arrow Ctrl Moves to beginning of next word.
  Right arrow Shift Adds selection highlight to the next character.
  Right arrow Ctrl-Shift Expands highlight to the next word.
  Up arrow   Move up to next line, same position.
  Down arrow   Move down to next line, same position.
  Up arrow Shift Selects/Deselects up to the previous line X-coord.
  Down arrow Shift Select/Deselect down 1 line from the X-coord.
  PGUP (page up)   Goes to the beginning of the page.
  Pgdn (page down)   Goes to the end of the page.
  PGUP (page up) Shift Highlights selection above Ibeam to page start.
  Pgdn (page down) Shift Highlights selection below Ibeam to page end.
  End   Cancels selection and goes to end of line.
  End Shift Selects to end of line.
  Home   Goes to the beginning of the line.
  Home Shift Highlights from ibeam to beginning of line.
  Backspace   Deletes the character in back of the ibeam.
  Delete   Deletes the next character.
  Ctrl-c (also+’Shift’) Copies selection to the 2nd cut buffer.
  Ctrl-v (also+’Shift’) Pastes selection from the 2nd cut buffer.
  Ctrl-x (also+’Shift’) Copies selection to 2nd cut buffer and delete.
    Double click On word in textbox, highlites that word.
    Double click On highlighted Probe order, enables/disables.
    Triple click In subtitle script text, loads line into line text.
Unicode Ctrl-U Shift Go into Unicode enter mode.
  Enter   Fires the Unicode.
  Esc   Cancels Unicode state.
  Backspace   Deletes previous character.
  A-F, 0-9   Enters the hex code.

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