This is a Gaussian type blur. Other blur plugins – Linear, Motion, Radial, and Zoom –are described later. This plugin is keyframable. Blur is used to blur a video track via the following parameters:

Horizontal and vertical
values are used to tell which one of the fields blurring affects; can be both.
use this dial to define the amount of blur to apply.
Alpha determines radius
use alpha to define the amount of blur to apply. (radius=gray value of alpha)
Blur alpha, red, green, blue
specifies which color channels is to be blurred.
If you are getting confusing results with old projects it may be a result of the discontinued parameter alpha determines radius. For compatibility reasons and for possible future development it has been left in the code but hidden in the plugin's GUI. The parameter for alpha determines radius is A_KEY, which can be 0 or 1. When you press the Reset button in the Blur plugin window A_KEY=0.

Old projects may have saved that parameter (A_KEY) to 1 instead of 0 and that may present a problem so you should do one of the following workarounds to change it to 0. Then be sure to save your project with these changes applied.

  1. Click on the Reset button in the dialogue/controls popup box and re-enter any of your other parameter desired values.
  2. OR in the CINELERRA-GG program, open the project. Click on the cog icon (Preset edit) of the Blur effect bar and the Keyframe parameters window is open. There, you can see the A_KEY parameter and change it: select the A_KEY parameter and in the Edit value box, change it from 1 to 0, then press the OK button.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021