Building the HTML Manual for Context Help

In addition to compiling your own CINELERRA-GG, you should also build an html version of the manual that is needed for Context Help in the program. The main version of the manual is in latex to produce a pdf version of the manual and this is required to be built first as the basis for the html version. This means that you need a full latex environment, git, and the latex2html program in order to eventually create the html version. Texlive is about 1 GB; Latex2html itself has many requirements and missing any will result in failure: some requirments include Netpbm, GhostScript, dvips, etc. Latex2html must be at least version 2021.2 in order to create the html manual version from the latex.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the manual in LaTeX:

    git clone "git://" master

  2. Included in the download is the translate_manual script. After modifying this file to have execute permission, run this script from a terminal window in the master directory where it was downloaded (be aware that this script includes several rm commands):

    The steps that this script performs are as follows:

  3. After installation of the CINELERRA-GG program, place the complete unchanged directory CinelerraGG_Manual, as it was produced by latex2html from the manual package, into the doc directory of the installed Cinelerra package. This will be the directory bin/doc/CinelerraGG_Manual if CINELERRA-GG was built –with-single-user. The script will automatically be in bin/doc after the successful build of the program. It is this perl script that allows the program to access CinelerraGG_Manual to offer Context Help.

  4. Optionally you can make some adjustments to the latex2html command line in the translate_manual script. Some variants are shown in the comments inside the script but changes may impact the usability of Alt/h hotkey from the program.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021