Unbundled Builds

There are some generic build scripts included in the CINELERRA-GG GIT repository for users who want to do unbundled builds with ffmpeg already available on their system. This has been tested on Arch, Ubuntu 18, FreeBSD, Windows10 and Leap 15 (rpm) at the time this was documented. The names of the build scripts are: arch.bld, bsd.bld, deb.bld, rpm.bld, and cygwin.bld. These scripts are in the blds subdirectory. The bsd.bld should be used with the bsd.patch file in that same directory. The cygwin.bld should be used with the cygwin.patch file in that same directory.

The reason that Cin Infinity traditionally uses its own thirdparty builds (bundled builds) is because there are a lot of different distros with varying levels of ffmpeg and other needed thirdparty libraries. However, some users prefer using their current system baseline without another/different copy of ffmpeg. With different levels of the user’s libraries, uncertainty, potential instability, and unknown issues may come up while running CINELERRA-GG and this will make it, for all practical purposes, impossible to diagnose and debug problems or crashes. There may be no help in these cases. You are encouraged to report any errors which potentially originate from Cin Infinity, but if the data indicates alternate library sources, please report the problems to the appropriate maintainers.

With the unbundled builds, some features may not be available and no attempt to comment them out has been made. So if you use a pulldown, or pick a render option, or choose something that is not available, it just will not work. For example, unless special options were set up by you, the LV2 audio plugins will not be available. Nor will the codec libzmpeg, the file codec ac3, or DVD creation. The old school file classes will all work, but some of the formats that come with ffmpeg may not because of the way that ffmpeg was installed on your operating system. That is because the CINELERRA-GG included ffmpeg is a known static build and is usually the latest stable/released version. For example, in the current case of Leap 15, libx264 and libx265 are not built in and this can be debilitating; you can always run ffmpeg -formats and ffmpeg -codecs to see what is available on your system.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021