CINELERRA-GG Internal Engine

FFmpeg is the default engine, but you can also use its internal engine, which is limited in supported formats but efficient and of high quality.

Video general purpose

supports the DV standard.
Presets: dv
MPEG Video
highly configurable. Extension .m2v.
Presets: mpeg1, mpeg2
OGG Theora/Vorbis
Open, easily configurable. Theora for video, Vorbis for audio.
Presets: theora, vorbis

Image Sequences

There are quite a few formats available. Note: even if CINELERRA-GG outputs fp32, exr/tiff values there are normalized to 0-1.0f.

EXR Sequence
OpenEXR (Open Standard) is a competing film standard to DPX, but Linear type.
Ppm Sequence
is RGB Raw.
Tga Sequence
is RGB(A) compressed or uncompressed.
Tiff Sequence
is RGB(A) or RGB(A)-Float with various compression types.
Jpg, gif Sequences
lossy compressed and limited formats.

Audio general purpose

widely used multichannel standard (Dolby Digital). Format with lossy compression.
Presets: ac3
Created by Apple; is an uncompressed format (pcm type) or with 32/64-bit floating point compression.
Presets: aif
Sun/Next AU
created by Sun and used in Unix environment, now in disuse. It can be of pcm type or with lossy compression.
Presets: au
Open, lossless compression, very good quality.
preset: flac
Microsoft WAV
created by Microsoft. It can have 16-24-32-bit linear or float compression.
Presets: wav
MPEG Audio
Very widespread standard. Extension .mp3.
Presets: mp3

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021