Data storage formulas

If we are dealing with large projects and poorly compressed formats, we will get large files that are difficult to manage and take up a lot of space on the HDD. We present some simple formulas to be able to calculate the space that will be occupied and the data rates we have to deal with:

Frame size

$\displaystyle {\dfrac{{Width \times Height [pixels] \times BitDepth [bits/pixel] \times Color}}{{8 [bit/Byte]}}}$

= ...[MB/frame]

File size

Framesize[MB/frameframes[frame] = ...[MB]

Data Rate

Framesize[MB/framefps[frame/sec] = ...[MB/sec]

Data in 1 Hour

$\displaystyle {\dfrac{{Data Rate [MB/sec] \times 3600 [sec]}}{{1024MB/GB}}}$ = ...[GB]

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021