Delete Plugins to save Resources Space or make them Unavailable

Maybe you just don't ever use certain plugins or would prefer to only find the ones that are useful to you. To save space in the Resources Window so you don't have to scroll to find the plugins you want as much, a feature to delete others is available. If you have a System install, you will have to be root for this function to be usable. The plugins will be permanently deleted, but only until you rebuild or download a new set of CINELERRA-GG binaries. To delete a plugin, highlight the plugin you no longer want in the Resources window then press Ctrl-Shift-delete. A small window will come up allowing you to change your mind and red-X out or check-OK to remove plugin. AppImage does not provide this capability unless you use the workaround as described in the Appendix FAQ, Known Problems and Workarounds.

This feature may come in handy if you have personnel working on media for you and you only want them to exercise certain functions. Or maybe you can't remember which is the good deinterlace plugin out of the available five or so and want to delete the extras so as not to be confused. The ffmpeg, ladspa, and lv2 plugins can not be deleted in this manner but, of course, you can always turn them off from view by clicking on Visibility and unchecking them (figure 10.8).

Figure 10.8: Remove Deinterlace-CV plugin
Image remove-effect

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