Updatable Icon Image Support

When running CINELERRA-GG Infinity builtin icons are loaded before the program starts. Png files in the path:
are searched before the images loaded into memory. Override icon.png files must be put into the path:
There are currently 4 sets of icons and their directory names are cinfinity (the default) and cinfinity2, original (the long-time original set), and smoother (generally was in use by some of the themes). An example, to replace the cinfinity icon of Blue Banana with a red apple instead, create your .png file as desired, and replace the file in:

For most User installs, the <plugin_name>.png file will be located at:

<cinlib_path>/bin/plugins/picon/cinfinity (or cinfinity2, original or smoother)

For some System installs, the files might be located at:


(or cinfinity2, original or smoother – ubuntu distros)


(or cinfinity2, original or smoother – Leap distro)

AppImage does not provide this capability unless you use the workaround as described in the Appendix FAQ, Known Problems and Workarounds.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021