Dragging Groups

Dragging while in Drop and Drag editing mode (arrow mode) is really easy. Just select the clip or clips you want to drag using the left mouse button, then put your cursor over one of them and drag while holding down the left mouse button. Keyframes, autos, labels, and plugins will also be dragged. Dragging honors armed/disarmed tracks. When you drag there will be some possible colors as defined; depends on how the edges of edits and groups interact:

Remember: With the Shift key on, it will always overwrite. Without the Shift key enabled, it always inserts only.

The original (older) method of dragging while in Arrow mode, lets you just left mouse click on a single clip or aligned clips and just drag. This older method of dragging does not move any of its effects with it at this time. There will only be a white outline while dragging and it will let you drop only if it fits. You can also perform some dragging and grouping while in the Cut and Paste editing mode (ibeam mode ) by taking advantage of the Ctrl button in conjunction with the left mouse button.

This last section on Dragging, outlines the difference between column selection and marking selection . Column selection is available to make it easy to still be able to do some dragging in I-beam mode whereas Marking selection makes it easy to drag clips together that are not columnated.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021